Sunday, December 21, 2014

Things Actually from 2013

Stromae, Racine Carree


The only thing I can ever play at a party that people will actually like/know.

Perera Elsewhere, Everlast

Friends of Friends

Just the coolest girl.

Pusha T, My Name is My Name

Def Jam
Hip-hop/comeback album

Doin' a rap.

D/A/D, The Construct

Synth/80s revival/cyberspace

This was on Fact's "best cassettes of 2014" (yes that is a thing), even though the Bandcamp says 2013. fuck it, it's great. some comment or whatever said that 80s revival has lasted longer than the actual 80s. this is probably true, but maybe we shouldn't have ever left the 80s in the first place?

Max Richter, Memoryhouse

Fat Cat
Ambient/modern classical

Recorded in 2002 and I guess re-released in 2013? I think? Either way, the whole album on repeat made a lovely soundtrack for D.W. Griffith's kinda underwhelming but at-least-it's-not-racist Intolerance, which I had to watch for a film class last summer.

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