Sunday, December 21, 2014

Kyary Pamyu Pamyu, Pika Pika Fantajin

Warner Music Japan

Me and Kyrary Pamyu Pamyu are dating.

Lawrence English, Wilderness of Mirrors

Room 40
Power ambient/Arctic void

Fact ran a piece a bit ago about how “power ambient” was the sound of 2014. I'm inclined to believe them because they spend less time than me playing Solitaire and eating hotdogs. Lawrence English is actually kinda prolific and I've been pretty enamored by his music as of late.

Lil Herb, Welcome to Fazoland

Hip-hop/Chiraq/drill music

My first fav release of 2014 and objectively the best rap mixtape of 2014. Lil Herb is the latest in a long line of people younger than me doing more than I ever will in my entire life. What doth Chicago.

Magic Fades, Push Thru / Magic Fades & Soul Ipsum, Zirconia Reign

Electronic/the internet/glowsticks

The backbeats of Push Thru remind me of a cross between new age music, top-40 R&B, and PS1-one era RPGs. I think “Ecco” my fav track but “Draped Mesh” is very pretty. Zirconia Reign is on it's own level and when people ask “what kind of music do you like” I want to pull up a link to this album.

Mourn, Mourn

Captured Tracks
Indie/sorta punk/youth

My second favoritething from Catalonia I've messed around with this year. The lead singer has a very pretty voice, and apparently these kids are teenagers. So that's neat.

nmesh, Dream Sequins / nmesh, Welcome to Warp Zone!


Maybe the last burst of vaporwave or a semblance of it. I don't know shit about nmesh, but I like his music. Welcome to Warp Zone is a custom mix made for Tiny Mix Tapes and I love it. It's literally so fucking fun and also funny! Kinda nostalgic too, all dat retro game music.

Officer!, Dead Unique

Blackest Ever Black
Post-punk/twee/lazy psychedelica

Recorded in 1995 but released in 2014, this album is by some guy affiliated with Half Japanese, apparently. It sounds kinda like a post-punk Syd Barrett, if you think about it.

Olga Bell, Krai

New Amsterdam
World/Russian steppes

Lately, my days have revolved a decent amount around Russian affairs. The shit about the collapsing Russian ruble has made people buy high-end technology and appliances like big screen TVs, etc. because these things are guaranteed to have more value than their currency-based savings. Also, been tryna to test my Putin-is-a-regular-ass-dude theory. The guy wouldn't have huge approval ratings if he wasn't somehow charming or relatable. Something tells me a vast majority of the Russian public isn't inherently nationalist and geopolitically aggressive. But tryna to find interviews with Putin so I can feel a vibe off the guy is hard because ALL THE INTERVIEWS HAVE ASSHOLES TRANSLATING OVER WHAT IS HE SAYING. Why would I want that?? Subtitles!! C'mon! Anyhow, the one video I did find was of him waxing nostalgically about his baptism and it is actually pretty human, likeable, etc. etc. Also Olga Bell is good but is technically from Brooklyn. Still, this album kills.

Pallbearer, Foundations of Burden

Profound Lore
Doom metal

DOOM DOOM DOOM. I'm sold by just about anything that can be described as “doom” or “sludge” or “stoner metal” or “so fucking heavy.” I don't think Keefshovel is a thing anymore, which bums me the fuck out. But these guys: what guys! Brett Campbell is described as a young Ozzy Osborne a lot, which is pretty true in a lot of ways. A bit of the guy from Rush, too. This shit's aurally massive.

Perfect Pussy, Say Yes to Love

Captured Tracks
Sorta indie/sorta hardcore

One of two things from Upstate NY that stole my attention this year. I bought their cassette last year and it was rad. I waited for their proper debut with bated breath and it was very much worth it. Still vaguely strikes me as a sped-up Japandroids with hardcore sensibilities and personalized lyrics. Meredith Graves apparently wants to be a florist, which is a very honorable profession.

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