Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Favorite Albums of 2013: HONORABLE MENTIONS

Oranssi Pazuzu, Valonielu [black metal sorta, 20 Buck Spin]

Oranssi is Finnish for “orange” and Pazuzu is a Babylonian demon king, a thing from Futurama, and also the super creepy demon guy from The Exorcist that haunted my childhood. Not linking to that because its spooky.

Lycus, Tempest [metal/funeral doom, 20 Buck Spin]

Slow mostly but also sometimes fast. Grade A funeral doom. Cool album artwork by Paolo Girardi.

Power Trip, Manifest Decimation [thrash metal, Southern Lord]


Nails, Abandon All Life [hardcore/powerviolence, Southern Lord]

So fucking heavy. I feel that powerviolence has been benefiting lately from vastly improved production work.

Portal, Vexovoid [black/death metal, Profound Lore]

Also heavy. And Australian.

Pinkish Black, Razed to the Ground [metal/experimental, Century Media]

Very unique sounding metal record. Borrows from a wide range of genres.

Kvelertak, Meir [metal/hard rock, Roadrunner]

I liked it but more rocky than their last record, which I thought sounded better. Artwork once again done by John Baizley of Baroness.

Jai Paul, BTSTU/Jasmine [electronic/soul, XL]

Jai Paul is v mysterious. An album leaked but it was apparently not actually an album and all download links have been removed. The sheer strength of “BTSTU” is enough that not mentioning this album would be a crime. (don't fuck with me).

Raspberry Bulbs, Deformed Worship [punk/hardcore/crusty stuff, Blackest Ever Black]

Another unique sounding record. The album art reminds me of berries.

Milk Music, Cruise Your Illusion [Fat Possum]

Throwback to 90s acts such as Meat Puppets and Wipers. Which is one of my favorite time periods/scenes musically. Also throwback to like the 70s n shit, too. Perry got this album for Tom on Record Store Day and Tom was super pumped.

Drug Church, Paul Walker [punk/post-hardcore, No Sleep]

Only knew who Paul Walker was from this album. Literally never heard of him until he died. Thanks Obama.

Perfect Pussy, I Have Lost All Desire for Feeling EP [punk/indie, self-released]

Part of the Syracuse, NY scene I sometimes hear about. Sorta reminds me of a more lo-fi Japandroids fronted by a girl. The lead singer is wicked cool.

Oozing Wound, Retrash [thrash metal, Thrill Jockey]

Thrash again! Also psychedelic!

Waxahatchee, Cerulean Salt [indie/emo, Don Giovanni]

Didn't totally fucking depress me as much as American Weekend did, but still this album made me very sad.

This mashup of “All the Small Things” and “Christmas Canon” featuring a ridiculous sentimental British video of confused looking flying children and magic.

Artists with probably good albums in 2013 I didn't listen to: Earl Sweatshirt, Death Grips, Burial, Pusha T, Julia Holter, The National, Boards of Canada, James Blake, Drake, Deafheaven, Danny Brown, Iron Chic, Iron Lung, All Pigs Must Die, LE1F

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